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We specialize in SEO services. We can support your company both in bringing traffic to your website or online store and in entry to a new market or preparation of SEO audit and strategy.



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The company was founded by Edvard and Michael in 2013. In Israel, Edvard was one of the original Growth Hackers, while Micha was a successful businessman. Each of them had experience in marketing and SEO and realized that no business on the market could meet all the demands of the customers in terms of effectiveness, understanding of needs, and strong communication.
Israel is where our company was established in 2013. In the past ten years, we have been able to grow and establish a solid place on the SEO and SEM services industry.
We invest in the best experts in SEO and performance-based marketing. Working with EvenRise – you work with the best!

Let’s Do Great Work Together

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