Colly App was drowning in data, to life full of leads and daily sales!


Colly App

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The Problem

Colly App, a game-changer in mobile marketing analytics, had a data mountain but no compass. They knew their app was powerful, but attracting users felt like searching for gold in a sandstorm – frustrating and fruitless. They needed help uncovering the hidden insights and guiding their marketing to the right targets.

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The Process

We knew Colly App needed more than just a map; they needed a treasure hunter. Our process went like this:

Define The Problem

We dove deep into their data, analyzing user behavior and identifying untapped potential. 

How Might We

Through intensive brainstorming, we unearthed new marketing strategies tailor-made for Colly App’s audience


We crafted a customized solution, blending powerful email marketing automation with innovative LinkedIn scraping tools. This secret weapon would help them find and connect with the ideal customers


We orchestrated a seamless implementation, equipping their team with the knowledge and tools to navigate their marketing campaigns with confidence


Colly App’s success was like striking gold! Within 6 months, their efforts yielded remarkable results:

  • Lead Generation Skyrocketed: Our targeted email campaigns and LinkedIn prospecting tools identified and engaged with 75% more qualified leads.
  • Conversion Rates Climbed: By understanding their audience and crafting personalized messages, conversion rates soared by 42%.
  • Customer Lifetime Value Soared: Automated nurturing sequences kept customers engaged, boosting CLTV by 38%.

    Colly App’s story is a testament to the power of data-driven strategies and targeted action. By uncovering hidden insights and crafting the right tools, we helped them navigate the marketing seas and chart a course for explosive growth. Remember, your data holds the key – let us help you unlock its treasure!

Your email magic and LinkedIn treasure map helped us find the perfect customers, and our conversions went boom! We're growing like crazy, and it's all thanks to you

Moshe S.
Moshe S.

CTO @ CollyApp

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