From Dormant Diamond to Global Gemstone - How Evenrise Polished Kernelios into an Educational Empire



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In 2017, Kernelios faced near-obscurity – course closures every two months, no placement support, and a stagnant valuation of only 20 million shekels. The college glittered with potential, but needed a skilled jeweler to cut and polish it into a magnificent gemstone.

Enter Evenrise: A data-driven marketing and sales agency determined to unlock Kernelios’ hidden brilliance

The Phases


Uncovering the Facets - Assessing the Raw Gem

Deep Dive: Evenrise conducted a comprehensive audit, analyzing marketing strategies, competitor landscape, and student feedback.

Identifying Impurities: The audit revealed internal flaws – weak sales infrastructure, lack of industry connections, and outdated marketing approaches.

Setting the Shine: Clear, measurable goals were defined: boost enrollment, improve retention, and skyrocket Kernelios’ value.


Cutting and Polishing - Transforming the College

Multi-Channel Brilliance: Evenrise orchestrated a multifaceted marketing campaign, encompassing SEO mastery, targeted social media, strategic paid advertising, and captivating content creation.

Sales Savvy: A dedicated placement department was established, forged with vital industry partnerships and personalized career guidance programs for students.

Innovating for Relevance: Kernelios’ unique simulator technology was leveraged, new in-demand courses were introduced, and state certification for select programs was secured.


Radiant Growth - Witnessing the Empire Rise

Exponential Expansion: Within 3 years, Kernelios enrollment tripled, courses blossomed from 2 to 6, and closures became extinct.

Financial Fireworks: The company’s value erupted by a staggering 85 million shekels, exceeding initial goals with unparalleled brilliance.

Dominant Influence: Kernelios established itself as the sole state-certified cyber studies provider in Israel, solidifying its leadership position.

But the story doesn't end there…

Branching Out: Today, Kernelios boasts 4 branches across Israel, 2 in the USA, and one in Mexico, spreading its educational radiance globally.

Gemstone Valuation Soars: With continuous growth and expansion, Kernelios’ value has catapulted beyond 100 million shekels, a testament to its polished brilliance.

Kernelios’ transformation is a beacon of what collaboration and data-driven expertise can achieve. Evenrise, like a skilled jeweler, saw the diamond in the rough and meticulously refined it into a global educational empire.

Key Takeaways:

Identifying and addressing internal weaknesses is crucial for unlocking hidden potential.

Building strong industry partnerships and offering unique programs can open doors to global expansion.

Continuous innovation and adaptation are essential for maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving educational landscape.

Evenrise is proud to have played a pivotal role in polishing Kernelios into a radiant force in the educational world.

By working together, we empower businesses to transform their potential into dazzling success stories.

Project Highlights

Product Design

Product Design

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Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

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Platform Development

Platform Development

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Working with EvenRise was a game-changer. They weren't just consultants, they were partners. With their sharp eyes, they identified our blind spots, tackled them head-on, and helped us unlock potential we didn't know we had.

Yossi A.
Yossi A.

Co-founder @ Kernelios

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