Living with Dignity: From Donations in Darkness to a Clear Real-Time Picture


Living With Dignity

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Ecom Automations

Nonprofit Organization


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About the Project

Living with Dignity, a non-profit dedicated to supporting vulnerable communities, had a big heart but a website stuck in the dark ages. Their donation system was like a leaky bucket – good intentions poured in, but many dribbled away due to confusing campaigns, clunky website errors, and a lack of data on what actually worked.

The Problem

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Marketing in the Fog

The marketing team blindly threw spaghetti at the campaign wall, unsure what stuck. Each new initiative felt like a shot in the dark


Website Problems and Errors

Donating was a frustrating obstacle course of glitches, slow loading times, and error messages. Donors got discouraged, donations got abandoned


Scaling in the Shadows

Managers lacked insights into donor behavior and campaign performance, making it impossible to strategically scale their impact


e shone a light on Living with Dignity’s potential. We


Investigated with a Microscope

We dug deep, analyzing donor data and user behavior to understand what resonated and what turned people away


Fixed the Digital Leaks

We rebuilt the website from the ground up, fixing bugs, optimizing speeds, and creating a smooth, user-friendly donation experience


Connected the Dots with an API

We implemented a conversion API, tracking every click, donation, and conversion. This data became the team’s compass, guiding them towards successful campaigns


Built a Brighter Future

We crafted a custom e-commerce platform, seamlessly integrated with the website and API, offering donors a secure, transparent, and personalized experience

The Result

  • Marketing with Precision: Equipped with data insights, the marketing team launched targeted campaigns that resonated with donors, boosting conversions by 35%.
  • Donations Delivered: The new website reduced friction and errors, increasing completion rates by 20%.
  • Scaling with Confidence: Real-time data empowered managers to optimize campaigns, leading to a 40% increase in annual donations.

Project Highlights

Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing

From blind throws to targeted hits! We analyzed data, helping Living with Dignity launch campaigns that resonated with their audience. This resulted in a 35% increase in conversions

Frictionless Donations

Frictionless Donations

No more error-filled obstacle courses! Our website revamp eliminated glitches, reduced loading times, and created a smooth donation experience. This led to a 20% increase in completion rates

Insights for Impact

Insights for Impact

From darkness to data! We implemented a conversion API, giving Living with Dignity real-time insights into campaign performance. This empowered them to optimize and boost annual donations by 40%

A Platform for Progress

A Platform for Progress

 Built to scale! We crafted a custom e-commerce platform seamlessly integrated with the website and API. This secure, transparent, and personalized experience is setting them up for future growth

Before, running campaigns felt like throwing coins in a wishing well. Now, it's like steering a rocket ship – we see where we're going and what fuel works best. Thanks to this transformation, we're helping more people than ever before. It's living up to our name!


CEO @ Living With Dignity

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